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  • RF & mm-Wave


RF/mmW and AMS microelectronics in CMOS and BiCMOS

RF and mm-Wave

Akronic brings a strong knowhow in RF/mmWave IC design, extended across all high-frequency subsystems of a wireless radio transceiver and in frequencies ranging from few tenths of MHz up to 100GHz.

Akronic has an extensive experience in device modeling and chip layout at RF/mmW frequencies. We bias actives for optimum performance against noise, output power and linearity, and select sophisticated and robust circuit topologies for optimum system performance, low power consumption and small silicon area. Our attentive chip layout, electromagnetic simulation methodology and packaging expertise ensure close match between simulations and measurements.

RF/mmW IC design experience

  • SSB and DSB up/down conversion mixers (active or passive)
  • Variable Gain Amplifiers
  • Power Amplifiers and drivers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • VCOs
  • Frequency doubles, triplers
  • RSSI and power detectors
  • IQ LO generators (poly-phase filters or hybrids)
  • IQ vector rotators
  • Packaged chips up to 100GHz
  • Cartesian loop (0.1 – 1GHz), 802.11n, backhaul/fronthaul (6 – 43GHz, 60GHz, 71 – 76GHz, 81 – 86GHz), FMCW radars (77 – 81GHz), etc.

Design methodology

  • Extensive over PVT simulations taking into account of modeling limitations
  • Process aware parasitic extraction and “artwork” layout
  • Robust electromagnetic simulation (EM) methodology
  • Special 3D EM simulation approach of chip-to-PCB transition
  • Sophisticated supply and ground routing and internal de-coupling
  • Design approach abreast of stability issues
  • Custom-made, high-quality, passives (inductors, transformers, capacitors, transmission lines, etc.)