• Specialty
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal


RF/mmW and AMS microelectronics in CMOS and BiCMOS

Analog and mixed-signal

Akronic has extensive experience in IC design of virtually every analog and mixed-signal (AMS) building block of a modern telecom and radar transceiver radio.

We can offer our design services in a broad range of conventional and latest node dedicated IC fabrication technologies, and provide chip design solutions on both CMOS and BiCMOS processes.

Low-pass filters

  • Leapfrog, OPAMP or Gm-C based
  • 5th or higher order, Chebyshev, Butterworth, etc.
  • Channel bandwidth selection
  • Cut-off frequency over process re-adjustment
  • More than 1GHz maximum cut-off frequency

Base-band functions

  • Bandgap, voltage references and current generators
  • Gain-control operations, linear-in-dB or stepped
  • Power/envelope detectors and RSSI
  • AGC loops
  • ALC loops
  • LO leakage compensation, etc.

Signal converters

  • High-speed ADC/DACs
  • Switched-capacitor and current source DACs
  • Successive – approximation (SAR) and time-interleaved ADCs

Frequency synthesis

  • Fractional/Integer-N PLL
  • Reference divides and multipliers
  • Multi-modulus prescalers
  • MASH, PFD and charge-pump
  • Loop filters
  • VCOs and ALC
  • Drivers, multiplexer and demultiplexers