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  • mmW-IC Transceivers


RF/mmW and AMS microelectronics in CMOS and BiCMOS

Wireless mm-Wave for telecom and radar sensors

Our team features a many-year, unique experience, in mm-Wave frequency domain. Our people have participated in the development of numerous complete integrated wireless transceivers for communication and radar systems at mm-Wave area with many of those chips being in production by now.

Our design approach combines optimization for CMOS or BiCMOS devices for high-frequency operation in conjunction with best-suited system architecture and robust circuit topologies. Our custom-made passives (inductors, transformers, TLs, etc.), sophisticated layout and thoughtful EM simulations, in addition to our proper design of chip-to-PCB landing guarantee record high probability for first-silicon success.

We have the knowhow and the proven industrial past experience to convert your requirements to silicon-reality in any operating frequency between 6 – 120 GHz.

Millimeter-wave telecom transceivers

Integrated transceivers for high-speed communication links:

  • Wireless links (30GHz, 39GHz, etc.)
  • Unlicensed 60GHz for Gbps wireless connections (indoor or outdoor)
  • E-band, point-to-point, wireless links (71-76GHz and 81-86GHz)
  • Multi-Gbps wireless communications at 120GHz
  • Backhaul and fronthaul applications

Millimeter-wave radar sensors

FMCW radar transceivers for automotive and mm-Wave sensing applications:

  • 60GHz, 79GHz, 94GHz and 120GHz imaging
  • automotive 77GHz-LRR
  • automotive 79GHz-SRR