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Topmost RF/mmW and AMS IC design services

System architecture

In the development of an integrated circuit solution for wireless communications or radar sensors, the chip architecture analysis and definition is one of the most crucial steps. Only optimum system and interfaces definition can yield to optimum system integration. All the key-metrics of a custom IC, such as chip performance, area, power consumption, PCB bill-of-materials and delivery time are strongly affected by the system study and architecture selection.

At Akronic, we take architecture analysis very seriously. We are familiar with all the state of the art system tools, ADS, Matlab, etc. that are used in the industry today. Moreover, we are using our own proprietary sophisticated calculation tools which deterministically define the system and predict system behavior around operation-cases.

System analysis

We can build the system architecture and translate transceiver radio requirements to block/cell specifications in any of the following categories:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Synthesizer/VCOs/LO path
  • Base-band filters

Moreover, we can undertake the implementation of any system function adopted in wireless transceivers:

  • Power amplifier linearization (BB pre-distortion, Cartesian Loop, EE&R, etc.)
  • Automatic gain control loops
  • LO leakage compensation
  • Power detection, etc.