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Topmost RF/mmW and AMS IC design services

IC design services

Our team brings a proven track record both from startups and multi-national companies with success stories and numerous complex RF/mmW and analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits in production for a wide range of markets.

We are competent with CMOS and BiCMOS designs and we carry a broad experience in all major foundries, at various technology nodes, down to 28nm for CMOS and 0.13um for BiCMOS. Moreover, we bring a broad experience in device modeling, packaging selection, chip-to-board transition design and electromagnetic simulations at mm-Wave frequencies.

Our business model is flexible and can be tailored according to your needs ranging from time and material to fixed price.

Areas we can assist

We can be engaged and deliver full solutions from system definition to complete chip development, or can be involved selectively in parts of your design according to your needs:

  • Schematic-level design of a block (e.g. PA, LNA, LPF, VGA, AGC, VCO, RSSI, etc.) or sub-system (e.g. transmitter, receiver, PLL, ADC, etc.)
  • Physical implementation (layout)
  • Chip top-level integration and verification
  • Packaging selection and design of chip-to-PCB transition for operation at mm-Wave frequencies

Project execution

The execution of the project can be carried out either in-house or remotely through Virtual Private Network access to customer’s premises. Our, cost-effective, design services maximize added-value for the customer by combination of:

  • High quality, performance and reliability
  • Quick time-to-market
  • High data security and integrity
  • Detailed project planning and execution with as often as needed face-to-face meetings and regular calls
  • After sales support, in every project’s phase: evaluation, debugging, re-spins and production