RF/mmW and AMS microelectronics in CMOS and BiCMOS

Fabrication technologies

We can offer our design services in a broad range of conventional and latest node dedicated IC fabrication technologies, and provide chip design solutions on both CMOS and BiCMOS processes.

Akronic possesses a solid knowledge of process technologies and their limitations, devices’ physics, RF device modeling and reliability mechanisms.

Technology nodes

We are familiar with all fabrication cycles and procedures of a custom IC development. Our team has been involved in chip designs in both CMOS and BiCMOS processes, and in various technology nodes:

  • down to 28nm, for CMOS
  • down to 0.13um, for BiCMOS

IC fabrication

We have a solid background in process technologies and design flow of all major dedicated IC foundries, and Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) IC fabrication services:

  • TSMC, GF, IBM/GF, TowerJazz, UMC, IHP, etc.
  • MOSIS, Europractice